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MULTI-USE SHELTER - This is one of our most popular basic gable shed designs. (9x21 shown here) It comes with a 6' wide storage room with floor and open stall space.  Post in center of the bay area has a wood core and is covered in high strength protective steel as well as the trim above the plywood half-wall.  We recommend the 12x sheds and barns for horse use. The 12x sheds and barns are an overall larger structure as the roofline is increased both in height and depth: Feel free to view the pictures of the 12x sheds/barns below. We also have many more images in the Gallery. The 12x units can also be made longer than stated below and the tack room can be lengthened or eliminated depending on your preferences. 

Please call or e-mail us (see our Contact page) for a complete custom estimate. We are happy to work with you to design a structure that will meet your specific storage needs.  We also offer other storage solution such as gambrel barns and different options like horse runs in sheds. (Picture of the multi use shelter below is from the Home & Garden show and is not permanently leveled or anchored.)                

(includes paint and installation)
Additional Options:
Windows1   Shelves2Ramps
1 Vinyl, dual- paned w/grid2  Per linear foot
Economy windows available upon request.
Customizations available. 
page 1 Multi-Use Shelter2 Gambrel3 Gable4 Specs.
page 1 Multi-Use Shelter2 Gambrel3 Gable4 Specs.
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