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Quality Gable Sheds and Gambrel Barns

You'll see from the pictures below that we can customize our sheds to meet many needs.

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12x30 Shedrow Barn; board and batten (Keim)
12x24 Shedrow Barn/Loafing Shed/ Run-in Shelter; Wood-sided (Hunter)
12x30 Shedrow Barn; stall divider
9x18 Shedrow Barn with bulls
12x36 Shedrow Barn; 6' overhang; split stalls
9x12 Saltbox Shed; Slider
12x18 Shedrow Barn; 12' overhang
9x18 Shedrow Barn; 3x2 window
9x12 Shedrow Barn; Double 3' doors; 3' stall
9x21 Shedrow Barn; 9' storage; 3x2 window
12x27 Shedrow Barn; 6' overhang; 9' storage
12x24 Shedrow Barn/Loafing Shed/Run-in Shelter; Stall enclosure; Gable-end door (Pauley)
9x12 Shedrow Barn/Loafing Shed/Run-in Shelter; wood-sided; comp. shingle
12x30 Shedrow; 12' overhang
12x24 Run-In Shelter
12x30 Shedrow; 4' enclosures; open-top sliders
12x36 Shedrow
12x30 Shedrow; door on side; window in front
12x33 Run-In Shelter; 9' hay storage bay; feed aisle in back
9x21 Saltbox Shed; Divided into tack room and hay room
12x33 Shedrow; 6' overhang; 9' storage; window on end
12x33 Shedrow; 9' storage; 24' stall space divided in 2; 9' overhang
Multi-Use Shelter framing
Multi-Use Shelter framing
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