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12x30 with stall wall added, door on side
12x36, 12' tack room, raised walls, gates
      24x36, raised walls, 12x12 tackroom 
9x18 with double doors
9x24 with 12' tack room, skid removed
12x20 with 1' raised walls
     24x30, see details below
24x30 custom barn; two 12'x15' stalls w/internal gates, 6'x9' tack room, 1 hay hatch, hay storage area, two open doorways to stalls on backside. This started as two 12x30's put together front to front, omitting the short roof.
12x24 raised walls built for roll-up door     installation
   12x12 with double doors, raised 1'
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   9x15 with 9'  storage room
            12x20 with 2' raised walls
9x30 installed on concrete pad.
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