Product Information and Price List


Gable Shed
9x8      $2,145
9x10    $2,475
9x12    $2,695
9x14    $3,075
9x16    $3,395
9x18    $3,695
9x20    $3,945
9x22    $4,195
12x10    $3,275
12x12    $3,645
12x14    $4,025
12x16    $4,295
12x18    $4,695
12x20    $4,995
12x22    $5,395
12x24    $5,645
Additional Options:
Windows1        Shelves2            Ramps
3x2….$225   16”….$5.50    36”…..$125
3x3….$275   24”….$6.50    48”…..$150

1 Vinyl, dual- paned    2  Per linear foot

Custom modifications available.
The Gable Shed's taller walls accomodate mulitple shelves and/or hanging equipment.  Door width (52") easily accomodates most riding lawn mowers.  9x12 shown here with optional window. Door(s) can also be put on eave side.  Double doors or Dutch doors work nicely on this structure, especially if using for hay storage. This can be made with taller walls.  See more pictures in our Gable Gallery.  We customize to meet your specific needs.
Additional heights and longer lengths available.
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