This shelter is a 12x33 with a 10' overhang, raised 2', and with a 9' tackroom.  This unit is being used for tractor and equipment storage.  Notice the gap between the back wall and the ground - if this was being used for animals you would want to be sure your site was completely level or plan on backfilling with dirt or rock to avoid animal injury.
12x36 with 6' overhang.  This is the longest overhang we can do without adding additional support posts.
All of these structures are designed using our M.U.S. as a base
Internal shot of above shelter, notice sun coming through the skylight panels!  The colors used in this building are Desert Beige body and Rustic Red trim. 
This is a raised aisle barn with an internal entry tackroom and external entry hay storage.  This has four skylight panels (seen at right) and sliding doors.  The inside has stalls with 4' stall walls.  The colors on this barn are Tumbleweed  body, Taupe roof and Winter White trim.  
32x36 barn with overhangs and sliders on both ends.  Hay hatches on both sides of building.  Skylights throughout as can be seen below.  Below are internal shots showing stalls, gates, and tackroom.  Notice 4x6 pressure treated skids that are used as foundation.  Filling in with decomposed granite, dirt, or concrete can be done to make flush, if desired.  All of our barns are built with this foundation and we discuss this up front. (Below right shows roof before ridgecap installed.)
This barn is simply two M.U.S. units put together (omitting the short roof).  Customer filled in with decomposed granite and layed mats for her horses. Done in Chestnut Brown with Tumbleweed roof and trim. 
26x33 shelter raised 1' with 12'x12' tackroom, double doors, skylights, dividing wall.  Done in Desert Beige and Winter White.
This shelter is a 12x33 raised 2' with a 10' overhang and 9'x12' tackroom.  It is being used for tractor and equipment storage.  If it were for animal shelter, you would want to be sure that your site is completely level or plan to backfill to close any gaps between the structure and the ground to avoid injury to animals.
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